Like the "Common requirements" structure to kick off discussion

I like the sections of Common requirements as a rough structure for site content. Ideally, you want folks sharing detail around each of these topics and eventually they may form categories. I’d avoid over-categorization early on as a category with one or two posts gives the appearance of an “empty room”, nobody likes an empty room…well, given the current situation, perhaps we do like “real” empty rooms but online, it’s a bad sign for communities.

I’d omit the getting started item, but suggest creating a post outlining common requirements for going remote, list the items with a one sentence description that you can elaborate on later. Once that post is in place, I’d create a stand alone post for each of the requirements, once you create one of those detailed posts, edit the first post to link to that detailed post. Over time, keep adding detailed posts and perhaps create a structure for your detailed posts such that they all end with "This is a detailed post about one common requirement and we welcome your feedback and thoughts. “To view other common requirements, go here.” and link go here back to the first post. In this, we’re curating content to guide discussion.

Beyond that, love the new masthead, perfect. And, I love the loss of the image, took up too much space and added little value.

More thoughts to follow…

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Thanks, I made a first cut at your suggestion with Common Requirements for Going Remote and I also started Common startup problems. I suppose the first set of requirements influence your choice of technology, while the startup problems are kind of independent?