Standards needed for "going remote"

  • “What is needed in order to do X remotely”

Where “X” fits a small number of consumer categories ('office work" “watch HD movies” “document collaboration” “voice meeting” “video meeting”) In terms of bandwidth, latency, jitter, dropout rate, etc. (as might be spec’d in a SLA)

  • an open-source test tool that is available for popular platforms (windows, mac, linux, ios, android) or run in the browser

That one could download and run that would tell you
Whether your connection met the standard for various categories

  • An aspirational goal, to include
    useful hints / diagnostics / data about what you could do to improve
    (e.g. detect bufferbloat)
  • as a metric for use in broadband access plans for universal access

Some Internet games have meters, there’s speedtest which is mostly “bandwidth”
There are some kinds of uses that need guaranteed low latency