Switching interactive instruction to online

  • An instructor has swiftly moved her usual in-person highly-interactive work to a fully online practice. She is using Jitsi https://meet.jit.si/ as the main platform (which includes screen-sharing and chat and other utilities) running in Chrome on one window panel, and Etherpad https://etherpad.org/ in Firefox or Safari running in another window panel for co-drafting with students. When stepping through a printed illustrated book, she obtains a clear image by using CamScanner https://www.camscanner.com/ on her phone prior to the session to quickly create a multi-page PDF, which she then emails to herself. In a second Firefox tab, she lets Gmail display the PDF, so that with screen-sharing running in Jitsi, she and the students can step through the book together.
  • The only delays during start-up result from some clients not being very familiar with readily available capabilities on their computers they either did not know about, or did not know the vocabulary for. This is being resolved via screen-sharing in Jitsi as well as client-side ‘buddies’ who do know the methods and vocabulary