Tags Used in Site

An explanation of tags used (or should be used) to describe posts


Genre of post includes

  • experience (preferred genre: you or someone you’re helping took an activity and took it remote)
  • guide (not a great name, but a summary how-to for a kind of article)
  • list (a list of online resources, with categories of its own)
  • video including YouTube resources and channels
  • audio including podcast


What is the nature of the activity you are trying to do remotely?
When there are sub-categories, tag with the finest granularity that applies

  • work (all work-from-home arrangements )
  • education (for general category )
    ** university lectures, study groups, office hours, moocs
    ** k12
    ** instruction (music, exercise, art, coaching )
  • religious (worship services, bible study)
  • health (telemedicine, physical therapy, personal trainer, exercise class)
  • event (large conference, symposium, trade show)
  • social (board games, family dinners)

Common Requirements

  • accessibility Dealing with people with varying degrees of accommodation
  • i18n Internationalization
  • security security, privacy, authentication
  • internet requirements, troubleshooting, spotty coverage, bandwidth and latency
  • meta management of conversations, floor control, taking minutes
  • startup initial problems getting started

Software and hardware

  • hardware microphones, speakers, headsets, WiFi,routers
  • conferencing: zoom, jitsi, webex; facetime, etc