The Conference Tech Lab's guide: From onsite to online

Diplo Foundation’s Conference Tech Lab

Online meetings are becoming more relevant as COVID-19, the global pandemic which is claiming thousands of lives, is obliging us to follow social distancing and lockdown rules. Organisations are shifting to teleworking and online meetings to keep people safe. Universities and schools are also turning to online learning. Communicating with others is now predominantly online.

The Conference Tech Lab’s guide helps you make the best decisions to transition from onsite to online in an effective, efficient, and smart way:

  • Select the most optimal online platform and e-participation approach for your needs
  • Learn how to moderate online meetings efficiently
  • Acquire management and practical skills on online conferencing
  • Use tips and tricks that make-or-break effective online participation
  • Monitor the current shift from onsite events to online meetings
  • Dive deep into behavioural, protocol, organisational, and other broader aspects of e-participation
  • Explore the future of meetings with new AI and virtual/augmented tools

The team behind Diplo’s Conference Tech Lab has over 20 years of experience in running online events and webinars, and in developing effective e-participation approaches used by major players around the world.