What things are needed before the site is 'ready'

This topic and replies are things to do.

  • check site vs GDPR, privacy policy, legal disclaimer, accessibillity & document
  • install translation plugin and get license
  • confirm licensing and payment for DNS (GoDaddy) email (SendGrid), hosting (Vultr) & document
  • confirm site backup & document
  • Configure IPv6 I think for stability and other good things, enable IPv6 and encouraging its use.
    I think vultr was set up with ipv6, not sure about the dns entry…
  • Get API key for Facebook, Twitter, GitHub for single sign on
  • Get a better logo branding and theme
    (links not distinctive enough)
  • strategy for adding new categories?

Posts like Work from home resources aren’t as useful as they could be – the real meat of the post is down 3 levels, a big hodge-podge. I think the best thing to do is to split out and curate the linked resources.